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Children in the Bwindi Community lack the basic needs. Hungry and without supplies, children remain in the cycle of poverty.

You Can Help Them Thrive

Help provide proper medical care, nutrition, clean water, and an education, you can help the children of Bwindi break the cycle of poverty.

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The Challenge is Great for Bwindi Children

Even those who are fortunate enough to make it into a school program often don’t have enough means within their families to continue over the long term.

Children in the Bwindi area face a lack of transportation, funds for school supplies and fees, accommodation, proper clothing, nutrition, and medical care, and technology.

Help A Child through the Opening of the Bwindi Eco Vocational School

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Bwindi Eco Vocational School

Help A Child Through AnOther Projects

The Children's Home

Beginning as a response to poverty in the Bwindi community, the children’s home has grown to house around 100 orphans and vulnerable children, which all receive 3 nutritious meals a day and attend the primary school for free.

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Sponsor a Child

On top of the need for regular housing, many children lack the funds for even basic school supplies like backpacks, pencils, and notebooks. For just $42 a month you can provide a child in need with financial support for housing and education.

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Bwindi Junior School

Education is one of the pillars of our program. We have established a private school now providing a free education to over 500 children who could not otherwise afford one. We have also established a partnership with LivingStone Int’l University.

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Bwindi Uganda Children Charities (BUCC) is a U.S. nonprofit founded to rescue orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda and provide a safe home and education in partnership with Bwindi Eco Children Uganda (BECU) located in Uganda.
BECU provides free education programs to orphans and vulnerable children from the community through its private school to
prepare children with the skills they need to succeed.

2023 Priorities

We have a number of priorities for 2023 and many of them are already underway. We invite you to review all that we are accomplishing for the children.

Our priorities for 2023

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Growing Projects Create Demand

With growing school attendance and an increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children come growing financial demands.
In just six years the community has grown from 27 to around 100 orphans and vulnerable children and admitted 500 children into the private school. BUCC is currently seeking partners to invest in the long-term vision and help see these needy children to their day of success.

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Helping Kids Thrive: Join Us in Making a Difference!

**Our Community is Growing!**

Wow, time flies! In just six short years, our community has blossomed from caring for 27 kids to now supporting around 194 orphans and vulnerable children. Plus, we’ve welcomed 500 amazing youngsters into our private school!

**The Challenge: Rising Financial Needs**

As our community expands, so do the financial needs. More kids mean more resources, and we’re committed to giving them the best.

**Be a Part of Their Success Story**

We’re on the hunt for awesome partners like you to invest in our long-term vision. Together, we can guide these incredible children towards a brighter, successful future.

Ready to make a lasting impact?